Die Bonder PP5

for the following applications: Pick & PlaceFlip chip assemblyvery small and large components, IC, capa-chips, resistor chip, etc.

Standard Applications: MEMS, MMIC, Opto or IR Sensor, Laser diodes, strength gage

  • Model: PP5 with table on the top
  • Accuracy: Up to 5 µm, Up to 1 µm (option flip)
  • Die size: minimum 200*200 µm, maximum 50*50 mm
  • Substrate size: Up to 150x500 mm
  • Part fixture: by vacuum or clamp
  • Motorized Tables: X 240 mm , Y: 90 mm , Manual theta.
  • Speed: by joystick.
  • Table resolution 1 µm
  • Alignment: Manual with color CCD
  • Digital Target generator
  • Optical Zoom X12
  • Direct placement
  • 2 references points for auto-centering placement
  • ndexed Pick and Placement mode
  • Parameters: On LCD screen
  • Bond force: Programmable 10g up to 3 000 g
  • Bond Time: Programmable 0 up to 999 s
  • Scrub: X Y and number
  • Vacuum: Selectable on or off during bond
  • Temperature: Programmable 0° up to 400°(option eutectic)
  • Work height: adjustable
  • Soft touch down speed
  • Automatic pick up with pick up force Options:
  • Ultasonic die bonding, Au SnPb
  • Dispenser for glue or solder paste
  • Stamping capability
  • Dipping on Flux
  • Reflow, thermal cycle is programmable
  • Eutectic, thermal cycle is programmable
  • Gas environement for high temp. cycle
  • Hot Gaz Jet, for local eutectic (multiple die eutectic)
  • Wafer sorter 4", 6", 8"

Pick and Place System (MPS) Epoxy Die Bonder NEW

MPS : for small chips and SMD Parts Assembly


  • Lab and Prototype (Lab, Jewelry, Watches, smd, BGA,..)
  • Small parts handling capability
  • Solder paste
  • SMD Reflow
  • Eutectic die bonding
  • High precise pick and place of very small and delicate devices
  • The design proveds an easy solution for gluing
  • Video interface compatible for Ultra-HD camera
  • true vertical motion
  • side camera: can be tilted at any angle

High reliable tool. Requires no training.

Features / Parameters:

  • Low picking force: < 10g
  • adjustable bond force
  • Rocking head, dispensing/stamping
  • Power: 100 / 230 VAC 300 Watt
  • Vacuum: integrated in system
  • Dimension: 270x500x352 mm
  • Weight: 17 kg