Nano Observer AFM

Nano-Observer AFM Best cost effective solution

The Nano-Observer AFM microscope is a flexible and powerful AFM. Designed with the ultimate technologies, it combines performance and ease of use. The USB controller offers a real integrated lock-in for better measurement capability (phase detection, Piezo-Response Mode…).

A low-noise laser and a pre-alignment system provide simplicity and high resolution on a compact AFM head. Its intuitive software simplifies all Atomic Force Microscope settings to allow quick and safe AFM acquisitions.

Compact and robust, the Nano-Observer Atomic Force Microscope fulfills the requirements for advanced users or beginners. It avoids laser alignment with the pre-positioned tip system. A top and side view of the tip/sample, combined with vertical motorized control, makes the pre-approach easy.


  • Material characterization
  • Polymer science
  • Electrical characterization
  • Semiconductor
  • Soft sample
  • Biology


ResiScope II: AFM Electrical characterization

“The World’s Greatest Performance for AFM Electrical Characterization.”

What’s ResiScope ?

The ResiScope II is a unique system able to measure AFM resistance over 10 decades with a high sensitivity and resolution. It can be combined with several dynamic modes as MFM/EFM (AC/MAC mode) or KFM single‐pass (AC/MAC III) providing several sample characterization on the same scan area.

A dual measurement system :

  • Resistance measurement
  • Current measurement (& IV spectroscopy)
  • Compatible with Oscillating mode (Tapping / AC mode )
  • Compatible with EFM/MFM or Single-pass KFM
  • Resistance 102 ohms to 1012 ohms (10 decades dynamic)
  • Output information : R, Log R, Current & I/V Spectroscopy

Applications :

  • Photovoltaic
  • Oxyde characterization
  • Semiconductors
  • All conductive characterization

Intuitive software :

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic mode selection
  • Configurable outputs
  • Selectable output scale : R | Log R | Current

Principle :

During the measurement, the DSP chooses in real time the best gain to optimize the measurement made by the amplifier module (HPA). This operating condition allows a very high sensitivity on all the range of resistivity at a regular scan speed (AFM) . Contrary to other techniques, the current between the probe and the sample is strongly reduced. This has the result of limiting the local effect of oxidation or electrochemistry and protecting the conductive probe from high current damage.

Specifications :

Resistance range10² Ω to 10^12 Ω
Current range (ResiScope mode)50 fA to 1 mA
AFM compatibilityCSInstruments : Nano-Observer
UHV : please contact us
Compatible AFM mode Contact / Tapping / AC mode EFM / MFM / KFM single-pass
Operating Environment Windows® XP. 7, 8, 10, SP3 Framework DotNet 3.5 SP1
One USB port available
Power SupplyAC 100‐240V 47‐63Hz, 1A The appliance must be properly grounded.
Weight (net)2kg

PanScan Freedom


What if… you could have an ultra-low noise LT (9 K chilled tip/sample) STM- AFM/qPlus System in your lab that never needs liquid cryogens –even running 24 hours a day producing atomic resolution images and lengthy, sophisticated STS data?

That would mean your research is Cryogen cost-free, Interruption-free, and Hassle-free. You’d never waste time trying to source LHe or waste money paying upward-spiraling prices. No more interrupted or delayed experiments waiting for cryogen supplies. The hassles and real risks of handling and changing dewars would disappear. You’d spend more time on research. Achieve better results faster.

RHK’s PanScan Freedom delivers all that and more. All the advantages of LT. None of the constraints. Proven atomic resolution 9 K – 400 K. Peer-reviewed published results. XY drift achievable as low as 0.2Å/hour, and Z drift as low as 0.2Å/day. Dedicated STM/STS and also qPlus-AFM. No special Lab set-up or ceiling heights. Straightforward design, easy to operate.

Meet RHK’s award-winning PanScan Freedom, the world’s first closed-cycle cryogen-free system for stable low temperature performance in a surprisingly compact, simple, and affordable package. PanScan Freedom enables you to explore tomorrow’s materials and make discoveries that will keep your laboratory first in science.

Freedom has proven atomic resolution results on materials from crystalline metals to carbon nanotubes, plus world-class low-noise, low-drift STS, without consuming a drop of LHe.


  • LT STM and AFM
  • Chilled Tip & Sample at uniform temperature
  • mK & High Magnetic Field Compatible
  • Eliminates the need for expensive cryogens
  • Maintains temperature indefinitely
  • Never run out of liquid He during an experiment again!
  • Stable low temperature imaging for everyone
  • Atomic resolution 15-400 K
  • Optional 9-400 K version
  • XY drift as low as 0.2Å/hour
  • Z drift as low as 0.2Å/day
  • Superb STS
  • Integral X-Y Offsets
  • In-Vacuum Tip Exchange
  • STM and optional AFM-qPlus, switchable in vacuum
  • Sample size: 10mm x 10mm (standard), uses typical flat plate sample holder
  • Imaging from LT to 400K
  • Able to retract tip and re-approach in same area with high accuracy
  • Non-magnetic construction appropriate for high-Tesla environments
  • Coarse positioning XYZ: 5mm x 5mm x 8mm
  • Scan range: 6 μm x 6 μm XY at RT
  • Change probes without removing sample
  • Optional improved optical access for <4µm resolution :

  • 1. Precise positioning of the probe onto a specific area of the sample with a precision of better than 2 microns

    2. Light and lens can be adjusted to provide optimum contrast for low contrast samples such as graphene

    3. Capability available on up to three separate chamber ports

PanScan Freedom Tesla


RHK introduces the all new PanScan Freedom Tesla, the world’s first closed-cycle cryogen-free system for stable low temperature performance in and out of magnet, unprecedented low drift, exceptional spectroscopy performance, and integrated cryogen free superconducting magnet, in a surprisingly compact, simple, and affordable package. PanScan Freedom Tesla enables you to explore tomorrow’s materials and make discoveries that will keep your laboratory first in science.

  • Integrated Cryogen Free Magnet!
  • 100% Cryogen Free System
  • Atomic Scale Resolution from 9K to 400K
  • Superconducting Magnet (3-6T)
  • Conventional Magnet Options Available
  • Allows SPM Operation In and Out of Magnet
  • Ultra Low Drift


  • Proven Core Design: PanScan Freedom Closed Cycle LT SPM
  • Integrates Superconducting Magnet 3-6 Tesla with its own Closed Cycle cooling
  • Entire system – both SPM and Magnet – free from liquid cryogens.
  • Chilled Tip & Sample at 11 K
  • Eliminates need for expensive cryogens
  • Maintains temperature indefinitely
  • Never run out of LHe during an experiment again!
  • Compact design
  • LT STM/SYS and AFM-qPlus, switchable in vacuum
  • Image in or out of the magnetic field
  • Sample size: 10mm x 10mm (standard), uses typical flat plate sample holder
  • Able to retract tip and re-approach in same area with high accuracy
  • Non-magnetic Scanner construction appropriate for high-Tesla environments
  • Coarse positioning XYZ: 5 mm x 5 mm x 8 mm
  • Scan range: 6 µ x 6 µ XY at RT

Panscan Flow


PanScan FLOW-LT provides a convenient means for researchers to move easily across specific temperature regimes while maintaining a reasonable cryogen budget. It’s efficient, very low noise flow cryostat is ready for LN2 and LHe whenever desired.

Low-cost LN2 provides ~82 K uniformly chilled tips and samples. This is ideal when LT stability is essential but LHe is not essential. LN2 is also useful when pre-testing LT experiment set-ups to ensure success before LHe is committed.

When LHe is crucial to research, the same PanScan Flow cryostat can be used for the coldest, quietest conditions at ~12 K chilled tip/sample.

PanScan FLOW is equipped with many of the same highly effective features as the ground-breaking Closed-Cycle Pan Freedom LT. These include highly effective eddy-current damped spring suspension; 4 ports for in-situ LT deposition; ability to change both tip and sample in 30 seconds; and UHV storage racks for a convenient tip and sample treatment and instant availability. And of course, PanScan FLOW provides the same rock-solid stability and proven results as Freedom.


  • LT-FLOW: STM and AFM-qPlus, switchable in UHV
  • Chilled Tip & Sample: ~12 K (LHe); 82 K (LN2) to 400 K
  • Atomic resolution
  • XY Drift = 1 Å per hour, guaranteed / Z Drift =1 Å per day, guaranteed
  • XY drift as low as 0.2Å/hour achievable / Z drift as low as 0.2Å/day achievable
  • In-Vacuum Tip or Sample Exchange
  • Change probes / sample without disturbing the other
  • Coarse positioning XYZ: 4mm x 4mm x 8mm
  • Scan range: 5µ x 5 µ XY at RT
  • Sample size: 10mm x 10mm (standard), uses typical flat plate sample holder
  • Able to retract tip and re-approach in same area with high accuracy

Scanning Probe Microscope

A best-selling UHV low temperature SPM !
Improved low temperature performance by modifications, guarantees outstanding stability

Sample pretreatment and probe cleaning can be done in the ultra high vacuum chamber, enabling atomic or molecules level resolution observations by ultra low temperature STM/AFM. New probes and accessory devices are available to cope with recent expanding application range.


  • Widely applicable to He temperature STM/AFM measurement
  • User friendly, excellent low temperature performance and stability
  • Optical irradiation using lens stage, suitable for various luminescence measurement
  • Two in situ deposition ports available, applicable for low temperature depositions/adsorptions


  • Ultra low temperature STM, Inelastic tunneling spectroscopy (IETS)
  • Application to various AFM functions (MFM, KFM, SCM etc.)
  • Photoexcitation STM, AFM measurement
  • Ultra low temperature high resolution light emission induced by tunneling current, Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
  • In situ deposition, Adsorption of atoms, molecules


SPM Head
MAX scan range (X×Y×Z) 1.7 × 1.7 × 0.25 µm3 @ 5 K
Resolution Atomic resolution
Base temperature 5 K
Base Pressure Obs. Prep. Ch. 3.0×10-8 Pa, LLC 1.3×10-5 Pa
STM Controller Nanonis™ SPM control system
AFM Function Tuning fork NC-AFM

Scanning Tunneling Microscope

High end model for ultra low temperature and high magnetic field STM !
Actively utilized both in Japan and overseas, making a contribution to advanced research of surface physics.

High performance STM widely used in the leading edge surface science researches realizing the lowest base temperature and high magnetic field as commercially available systems. It is possible to customize a sample preparation system fitted a study goal. Fundamental to study superconductivity and low temperature physics.


  • The only 3He model commercially available which can attain ultra low temperature of 400 mK.
  • Maximum 15 tesla super conducting magnet or 3D magnet can be mounted
  • Guarantee outstanding stability and high resolution
  • Various accessory equipment and home developed multi function probe are available


  • Superconductivity phenomena under the ultra-low temperature, observation of the electron energy structure
  • High resolution imaging for atoms and molecules
  • Observation of molecules kinetics using IETS
  • Observation of spin responses using STS in the strong magnetic field.
  • Application for spin resonance measurements introducing high frequency
  • Observation of high resolution magnetic structure, spin polarization STM


SPM Head
MAX scan range (X × Y × Z) 1.2 × 1.2 × 0.34 µm3 @ 4 K
Resolution Atomic resolution
Base temperature less than 0.4 K (3He)
Magnetic Field Maximum 11 T (15 T optional)
Base Pressure Obs. Prep. Ch. 3.0 ×10-8 Pa, LLC 5.0 ×10-5 Pa
STM Controller Nanonis™ SPM control system

Nano Manipulator / Probes


  • This system is installed in SEM stage and measures 4 point local electric conduction in submicron area.
  • Each probe position can be controlled in 3 dimensional directions in nanometer resolution by control circuits with notebook PC.

Specifications :

XY Range
Coarse ±3 mm in ±150 nm steps
Fine ≤1 μm in 10 nm* steps
Z Range
Coarse ±1.5 mm in 150 nm steps
Fine ≤1 μm in 10 nm* steps
Sample Size 10 mm × 10 mm × 1 mm
Weight ≤1000 g
* 0.1 nm resolution is possible with optional software.

Basic Components :

Components H/W/D (cm) Approx.
Nano Probe Unit 12 × 12 × 4
Controller Electronics 222 × 450 × 520
Notebook PC A4 size or B5 size
Pt:Ir Probe -
Accessories -

UHV Ion Beam / Electron Microscope


UNISOKU has technical cooperation with French company TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING and provides UHV High spatial Resolution FIB/SEM.

Features :

  • Under Ultra High Vacuum (UHV-SEM, UHV-FIB)
  • High spatial resolution (<2.5 nm, high end model)
  • Sophisticated user interface software
  • Metal deposition gas source usable
  • Variable columns available :
  • 1. Canion31 FIB: 7 nm@1pA
    2. COBRA-FIB: 2.5 nm@1pA
    3. Mass filtered FIB: 5 nm@1pA
    4. ECLIPSE SEM: 10 nm@5pA
    5. ECLIPSE Plus SEM: 4 nm@1pA

    UHV FIB/SEM System

    UNISOKU provides various UHV FIB/SEM systems taking advantage of UHV/Low temperature technique acquired as UHV SPM maker.

    System examples :

    • Low Temperature FIB/SEM system
    • SPM with FIB/SEM System
    • Multi Probe FIB/SEM System
    • Dual FIB/SEM System
    • Auger Spectroscopy, EDX System