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AFM Probes

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NanoWorld, Switzerland

NanoWorld provides silicon and silicon-nitride SPM-probes worldwide.
(SPM=Scanning Probe Microscopy)

After introducing the new Pyrex-Nitride series, we offer three product lines:

  • Pointprobe®

The AFM probes of the Pointprobe series are the most widely used and best known AFM probes world-wide. The product series comprises scanning probes for the widest range of applications.
The Pointprobe AFM probes are available with different coatings like Platinum-Iridium(PtIr5), Magnetic, Diamond or Gold coatings.
Additionally we offer special tip versions like our SuperSharpSilicon for high resolution imaging or High Aspect Ratio Tips that are often used for deep trench measurements.

  • Arrow™

Our Arrow™ series features standard AFM tips for contact, non-contact and force modulation mode that have a tetrahedral tip.
The unique Arrow™ shape of the cantilever allows easy positioning of the tip on the area of interest.
Furthermore the Arrow™ series also includes a range of tipless cantilevers and cantilever arrays

  • Pyrex-Nitride

The Pyrex-Nitride Series combines silicon nitride cantilevers and tips with the proven glass chip concept. The Pyrex-Nitride series has been designed for a great variety of imaging techniques like in air and liquid. Three different types of Pyrex-Nitride Probes are currently available: SPM probes with rectangular cantilevers, SPM probes with triangular cantilevers and SPM probes with tipless triangular cantilevers.

Special SPM Probes can be designed and manufactured upon customers request.

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