Multichamber ARPES UHV system [project 042]


The ARPES system is a customised multi-chamber UHV sys­tem for the investigation of physical properties (electronic band structure) of high temperature super­conductors.


  • Multi-chamber system designed around a central radial distribution chamber with attached analytical chamber and auxiliary chambers that fulfill the demands of sample transportation under true UHV conditions (pres­sure <10-10 mbar). The base pressure in the analytical chambers is < 5*10-11 mbar.
  • Multi-technique analytical chamber integrating various surface analysis methods; Monochromatic UV Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS) and LEED. Sample positioning is via a stable, high precision, 5 axis mani­pulator with all axes motorised for automatic surface mapping. The sample receiving station is equipped with a closed cycle helium cryostat that allows temperature variation over the range 10 K to 400 K. The mu-metal chamber  is equipped with a hemisperical analyser incorporating 2D detector with  energy resolution better then 0.5 meV and also incorporates a  monochromatic UV source and a LEED system. The flexible design allows for easy modification to meet fu­ture scientific demands
  • The system is designed so that it can be used in the laboratory as well as on a synchrotron beam line. The analyser is mounted horizontally and can be easily ro­tated by 90 degrees. The frame has easy height and x-y adjustment for quick and easily reproduced alignment
  • Single level preparation chamber equipped with ion source and mass spectrometer and numerous ports for future expansion
  • Load lock chamber for loading up to six samples with internal bakeout facility
  • Storage chamber for 6 sample holders

Multichamber ARPES UHV system [project 072]


The system is designed for ARPES research. It consists of a moveable frame and four chambers. The frame allows precise positioning of the system in all three axes. Each chamber has its own dedicated pumping system with the exception of the Preparation chamber, which is connected to, and pumped via, the distribution chamber). The system can be easily extend in the future to add e.g. an MBE chamber.


The system is equipped with a high-resolution photoelectron spectrometer with exceptional parallel detection, enabling an energy resolution of 1.4 meV and an angular resolution of 0.2°.

The high precision 5-axis motorised sample manipulator in the analysis chamber is equipped with a He cryostat and a high precision sample distribution stage. A load lock and sample preparation chamber complete the system to form a rugged experimental station.

The manipulator allows angle-resolved measurements over 2 p steradian below 10K. The system is engineered to be controlled completely by a touch-screen menu. Sample manipulation inside the system is facilitated by a specially designed high precision transfer mechanism.

XPS/UPS/ARPES system [project 511]

The surface analysis systems product line from PREVAC is based on highly flexible analysis tool optimised for XPS (ESCA), UPS, ARPES, ISS and AES measurements. The energy resolution of the hemispherical analyser is < 3 meV (FWHM at 2 eV pass energy). Additional to the spectrometer a versatile control software is delivered which stores the data in an open-standard format (JSON) and allows exporting the data into various other formats (hdf5, ini, txt), which are used by different standalone XPS evaluation programs.

  • Analysis chamber - made of μ-metal, with connecting flanges for current and further equipment. Base pressure range 10-10 mbar (after bakeout at 150 ºC),
  • EA15 hemispherical energy analyser - equipped with a total number of 11 slits, the analyzer offers the possibility to choose between best energy resolution and best intensity. Mean radius: 150 mm. Kinetic energy range: 0.5-3000 eV,
  • X-ray source RS 40B1 - high intensity twin anode X-ray source,
  • X-ray source with monochromator RMC50 with electronic set (emission controller, cooling box and HV power supply for operating both RMC50 and RS40B1 X-ray source),
  • UV source UVS 40A2,
  • Ion source IS 40E1
  • Flood source FS 40A1
  • RUDI-EA2 - high stable and low noise electronics,
  • SPECTRIUM - a progressive and optimized software tool in regard of handling and intuitive graphical interface,
  • Reliable, 4-5-6 axes, full motorised UHV manipulator (with heating & cooling),
  • Pumping system for analysis chamber and analytical components,
  • Gas dosing system for the analysis chamber.

Super resolution ARPES system with MBE chamber [project 523]

Multi-technique photo emission UHV system for super resolution ARPES measurements with integrated MBE chamber.
System setup consists:
Analysis chamber: base pressure 10-11 mbar range,
▪ Ultra high resolution photoelectron analyser with wide angle acceptance lens.
▪ PREVAC RMC50 monochromatic X-ray source
▪ High resolution and sensitivity LEED-AES spectrometer
▪ 5-axes manipulator with LHe cooling (open cycle) for analysis chamber
MBE chamber: base pressure range 2x10-10 mbar
▪ 15kV electrostatic focused RHEED electron-source
▪ 4-axes manipulator with RES heating up to 1000 °C and LN2 cooling for MBE chamber
▪ Transferring system with load lock and storage chambers for 12 flag style sample holders
▪ Additional equipment: ion source IS 40C1, flood source FS 40A1, effusion cells, electron beam evaporator EBV 40A1, quartz balance QO 40A1 and others.

Super resolution ARPES system [project 158]


Customised multi-chamber UHV system dedicated for investigation of physical properties (electronic band structure) of high temperature superconductors.

  • Central radial distribution chamber with attached analytical chamber and auxiliary chambers allows transport of samples under true UHV conditions (pressure
  • Multitechnique analytical chamber integrates different surface analysis methods like ARPES, UPS and LEED. Fabricated from mu-metal and designed for energy resolution better then 0.5 meV
  • Can be used in the laboratory as well as on a synchrotron beam line.
  • Horizontally mounted analyser can be easily rotated by 90 degrees.
  • The frame has easy height and x-y adjustment for quick and easily reproduced alignment to an external light source (synchrotron or LASER)

ARPES UHV system [project 418]


A custom multi-chamber UHV system for the investigation of physical and chemical properties of novel catalyst materials.


The Ultra-high resolution Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES) system.

Transferring system:

Flag Style sample holder

System configuration:

- Analysis chamber with double mu-metal liner guaranteed residual magnetic field lower than 0,1 microTesla and base pressure range 5*10-11 mbar include:

  • Close cycle High resolution manipulator with LHe cooling (temperature on the sample down to 15K) – full motorized
  • Optimized for extremely demanded applications, high precision ARPES electron analyzer
  • Monochromatic UV source for UPS measurement with dedicated pumping system

- Load Lock chamber allows loading up to 12 Flag style sample holder

- Preparation chamber mounted on the top of analysis chamber which allows using one manipulator for both chamber, include:

  • Ion sputter source for sample cleaning
  • Deposition rate measurement system: Quartz Balance and Thickness monitor
  • Gold evaporator (Effusion cell)
  • LEED with multichannel plate for Leed /Auger measurement

- Storage Chamber including park mechanism for 12 Flag style sample holder

- Radial distribution chamber (UFO) for transferring the samples are transferred between chambers under UHV pressures

- Accessories:

  • Set of dedicated, multifunctional, multimaterial sample holders
  • Special rack for all electronics unit
  • Special design bakeout system