Introducing the R10 Controller

RHK proudly introduces the newest addition to our long line of breakthrough SPM Control systems. R10 is RHK’s tenth generation SPM control system, built on our industry-leading knowledge and experience extending back over more than 30 years.

R10 is the latest advance in the continuing evolution of the R-Series Family of Controllers. With its fresh, forward-looking emphasis on Modularity as its guiding principle, R10 presents a new Design Ethos to the world-wide SPM research community. RHK’s unique Design Ethos brings practical adaptability and confident configurability to the forefront.

RHK Leads the Change to Optimized Modularity

The Future of SPM Control

With an eye for the newest capabilities and advances in electronics, RHK R&D recognized they could create a new, superior path. This brought far-reaching improvements to our new R10 software, firmware, and hardware, without limiting or sacrificing any aspect of Controller performance. With its optimized modular architecture, R10 further improves on controller capabilities and brings users forward to the best solutions.

RHK also dismissed the tired solution of yet-another-box for every function. To put it succinctly, the option of a meter-tall stack of unwieldy box-after-box-after-box, along with their jungle of cables, failed to meet our own performance demands and forward-looking Design Ethos.

R10 – Elegantly Simple, Simply Elegant

In keeping with our fresh Design Ethos of optimized Modularity, we designed the new R10 as an elegant 1 or 2-box solution. R10 provides a separate unit for High Voltage Amplifiers if required, and a main unit for easy advancements by users themselves via firmware activation and quick-and-easy internal hardware plug-in modules to our unique backplane.

Thanks to RHK’s unique, simple-yet-sophisticated Modularity, you can depend on RHK for highly customized upgrades to pioneer your research into new fields.

RHK’s R10 Design Ethos of Optimized Modularity goes much deeper than our uniquely configurable hardware and software elements. Modularity is built into the very core of R10, including new, breakthrough choices of how you acquire it.

R10 Modularity frees users from future risks of obsolescence or insufficient capability to achieve their research goals. It gives users the ability to make advanced choices with fresh confidence. R10 empowers you with the freedom to tackle daunting new challenges a step at a time and within budgetary constraints.

R10 Software Subscription enables you to purchase the software you need and pay for it over an extended timeframe.

R10 Rent-a-Feature enables you to “Try Before You Buy” for real-world confidence and proof about your upgrade decisions

High Voltage Amplifiers: R10’s modular flexibility provides three choices regarding HVAs. If your SPM system does not require High Voltage Amplifiers, then you can opt out and avoid an unnecessary cost. If you do need a set of HVAs, you can simply purchase and plug them in.

R10 Puts You in Control!

  • Future-Proof
  • Obsolescence-Proof
  • Feature-Proof
  • Application-Proof

Ambient SPM Family Overview

At the intersection of performance and affordability for benchtop, glovebox, or ultimately moving to HV or UHV, PanScan and Beetle Ambient Systems are a perfect beginning. RHK’s ATM PanScan and Beetle provide a unique instrument solution for researchers. The ATM series offers users a true state-of-the-art SPM instrument that is completely UHV compatible. No other instrument provides this level of functionality with unlimited upgradeability.


  • Dedicated STM or AFM/STM models available for Beetle and PanScan Ambient Systems
  • UHV Beetle Scanner Design – Unmatched thermal stability. Scan the same area of a sample repeatedly without drifting
  • UHV PanScan Scanner Design – Compact, rigid design well know for its stability in extreme environments
  • R9plus Controller – The world’s standard in control flexibility and performance
  • Convenient Lexan and frame enclosure for easy benchtop or air table use.
  • Open Design – Optical access to tip/sample interface
  • UHV materials and construction
  • RHK Ambient Systems provide a versatile atmospheric nanotech research instrument, as well as a straightforward, economical upgrade path to high-vacuum or UHV variable temperature or LT capabilities when research objectives change.
  • Custom Interface Packages available – e.g. Glove Box
  • Electro-chemistry-compatible sample holders for use with Beetle STM atmospheric system