Scanning Acoustic Microscope (SAM)

Scanning Acoustic Microscope (SAM)


The v-Series is a new generation of scanning acoustic microscopes. Based on a new developed high speed scanning mechanic and the new patented FCT transducer technology highest scanspeeds can be achieved. This reduces the inspection time by 30% compared to other SAM-systems. The inspection of large samples is realized by customized scanning-areas. An excellent price performance ratio completes the entire performance.

Key features of the Retrofits / Options

  • Extremly high scanspeed
  • On average 30% less scanning time compared to competetive products
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Plug and play conzept
  • Compact footprint
  • Unique ergonomics due to capacious viewing windows
  • Up to 625x magnification
  • Scanfield customizable
  • RF-Bandwith up to 550 MHz
  • Simple operation with Windows 7 graphical multilanguage user interface

Retrofits / Options

Almost all KSI SAM system can be retrofitted or upgraded to expand their functions, performance and operation. Depending on the existing SAM there several hard- and software extensions available:

Key features of the Retrofits / Options

  • 4D Software
  • Auto Focus 2.0 (Software)
  • Custom sample stages
  • HD Scan (Hard- & Software)
  • Sample Elevator
  • Transmission Scan (Hard- & Software)
  • Vision Automatic Scan Control ("VASC", Software)
  • VisionView (Software)
  • Water Refill Unit

Custom SAM Solutions

We develop in close cooperation with the customer special solutions for almost every kind of SAM sample analysis. Our long years of experience based on reams of solutions in industrial SAM ultrasonic inspection of every kind (automotive, frontend, backend, semiconductor, wafer, IC-packages, IGBT, Air&Defense, Aerospace,...). Semi- or fully automated standalone constructions as well as inline systems are developed for individual concepts. Fastest scanning systems provide the highest throughput for industrial applications with KSI one- and multichannel Scanning Acoustic Microscopes.

Key features of the Custom SAM Solutions

  • 2D Code recognition and analysis
  • Adaptation
  • Customized Software
  • Fully automated error detection and evaluation
  • Handling
  • Marking
  • Sorting