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Interface Science

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Kyowa, Japan

Kyowa Interface Science was founded in Hongo, Tokyo in 1947, and soon started the manufacture of high-precision measuring instruments, primarily for interface science. This branch of science lends its name not only to our company, but also to our product lines. Everyday, thousands of researchers around the globe in this branch of science use Kyowa’s instruments.

Contact Angle Meters
DropMaster Series- Dynamic Contact Angle, Surface Free Energy and Pendant Drop measurement.
MCA-3- an image analysis contact angle meter.
FPD-MH20- installs on existing instruments, system's vertically-equipped CCD camera observes droplets from above, allowing measurements on flat panels of unlimited size.

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Surface Tensiometers
CBVP Series- The CBVP series uses the precise Wilhelmy Plate method standard. The du Nouy Ring method is also available as an option.
BP-D5- This special-use surface tensiometer measures dynamic surface tension of surfactant solutions, using the maximum bubble pressure method.

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SOM-A Automatic Spread Oil Measuring Apparatus
Rolled steel sheet is coated with an oil coating during production, requiring quality control of the spread oil volume. The SOM-A system measures the amount of oil spread on rolled steel or aluminum sheet, using the Hydrophil Balancing System.

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Friction Meters
TS 501- Triboster is KYOWA’s measurement instrument for coefficients of static/kinetic frictions.
SF Series- Kyowa's SF series measures static friction on flat solid surfaces automatically.

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