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Liquid Chromatography

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Kromaton, France

Kromaton, leading company in CCC/CPC

Founded in 1999, Kromaton is the European pioneer in CCC/CPC chromatography systems.Kromaton's first countercurrent chromatographs were based on the principle of planetary motion. Later, the FCPC range included a new cell design with a mono-axial rotor. The improvement was developped in partnership with the French fluidics institute GEPEA. Advanced research was conducted by Dr. Alain Foucault* and his team.
Today, the FCPC is a range of task-specific instruments for R&D labs and industry. the machines are delivered in cGMP and Atex (explosion proof) configurations. Complete automatic solutions are available for semi-preparative, preparative and industrial lines. Kromaton also proposes low cost HPLC lines.

FCPC Instruments
FCPC (Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatograph) are the first models available in Europe. These mono-axial apparatus are equipped with two high pressure rotary seals. They are the perfect instruments for the fractionation and isolation of natural and synthesized compounds (organics or inorganics).
Compact and quiet, FCPC systems are especially useful for all laboratories and industries requiring an improved extraction, concentration and purification technique.

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HPLC Instruments
Kromaton provides to the lab industry Gradient and Isocratic Analytical System, as well as Isocratic preparative systems. Our HPLC instruments are the best systems for preparative and flash chromatography.

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Peripheral Equipments
Kromaton owns its peripheral equipment line. Designed to work perfectly with the FCPC instruments, these devices are suitable for all types of liquid-liquid chromatography.

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