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VPA series

With the development of our Versatile Peel Analyzer VPA series, measurements, once impossible or hardly achieved with conventional tensile strength testers, have finally become possible. When equipped with our low force load cell with a full scale rated capacity of only 0.1N, even minuscule peel strengths as low as 0.001N can be measured and easily compared.
The most remarkable feature of our Versatile Peel Analyzer VPA series is, that the peel behavior of composite materials, such as packaging materials, laminated materials, laminated films, coating films, ceramic green sheets, etc., can be evaluated under freely adjustable peel angles from 0 to 180º using Kyowa’s unique proprietary 'Flat Plate Cross Stage Method' and self-developed analysis software.
While both the standard VPA-H200 model and the compact-sized VPA-H100 model share the same functions and features, the sample stage of the VPA-H200 with a length of 200mm allows for an effective peel distance that is twice of the VPA-H100. The maximum speed of the sample stage to 30.000mm/min allows for a peel rate that is 2.5 times higher than that of the VPA-H100.

  • Peel angles between 0 and 180º
  • Peel rates from 3 up to 30.000mm/min
  • Effective peel area of up to 40x200mm
  • Quick and easily exchangeable load cell units (0.1N, 1N, 5N, 10N, 50N, and 100N full scale rated capacity) incl. calibration kit
  • Overload protection (at 90% of the full scale rated capacity of the load cell)
  • Protective cover with interlock safety switch
  • Emergency stop button


  • Heater type temperature-controlled sample stage for measurements from ambient to +180℃
  • Jacket type temperature-controlled sample stage for measurements from +10 to +70℃
  • 2kg manual hand roller for preparing tapes
  • Peel behavior observation by a special camera system
  • Equipment for tensile strength testing (applicable only with 50N or 100N load cell units)
  • A wide variety of different kinds of grips, such as pneumatic grips
  • Special sample stage for 180º peel tests
  • Effects of peel angles and peel rates on peel behavior of PSA tapes, packaging films, labels, release papers/films
  • Peeling properties between carbon fiber prepregs and release papers
  • Releasing strength between protective films and critical surfaces such as phone displays, glasses, metals, carpets
  • Peel/bond strength between laminated film layers, holograms on plastic cards, coating films on glass or metal, adhesive tapes on silicon wafer and frames
  • Adhesive strength between thin-film electrodes and current collectors in lithium-ion batteries
  • Adhesive strength between ceramic green sheets and carrier films for laminated ceramic capacitors
  • Visualization/observation of the peeling process from above and behind the adherend
  • Low force tensile strength tests of various films
  VPA-H100 VPA-H200
Measuring method Flat Plate Cross Stage Method
Rated capacity (full scale) load cell units 0.1N, 1N, 5N, 10N, 50N, 100N

Maximum measuring load 90% of the load cell’s rated capacity
Display resolution of load cell units 0.1N, 1N, 5N, 10N: 0.001N
50N, 100N: 0.01N
Adherend sample shape:
Dimensions (WxL)
Maximum thickness
flat sheet, plate or strip
flat sheet, plate or strip
Max. peel area (WxL) 40x100mm 40x200mm
Stage travel speed range (Vs) 3-12000mm/min 3-30000mm/min
Max. stage travel distance (Ds) 100mm 200mm
Default sampling rate 1) every 0.20mm every 0.25mm
Peel rate (Vp)

Vp=Vs (Peel rate=Stage travel speed)
the peel rate is independent of the peel angle
Peel rate dependency

measurement of one peel rate or
gradually changed peel rates within one measurement cycle
Peel angle dependency measurement of any peel angle between 0 and 180°
Analysis contents

- peel force versus peel distance
- peel force versus peel rate
- peel force versus peel angle
Dimensions (WxDxH) 620x400x270mm 910x550x270mm
Approximately weight 25kg 41kg
Electric power:
Power consumption

50/60 Hz
25W 65VA
Operating environment

temperature: +10 to +35℃, humidity: 30-80%RH (non-condensing)
positioned away from sources of electrical noise and vibration






Peel tests at different peel angles

For more detailed information please Contact Us.

60º peel test at a peel rate of 600mm/min

90º peel test at a peel rate of 600mm/min

120º peel test at a peel rate of 600mm/min