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Some of the principals we represent are finest, pioneers and leaders in their chosen field.


... www.firstnano.com ..

CVD Equipment Corporation/ Firstnano is in its 25th year of designing, developing and manufacturing semiconductor processing equipment and quartzware. CVD Equipment Corporation is a leading manufacturer of critical LPCVD, UHVCVD, MOCVD, LPE, VPE, HVPE and RTP products and services for the Semiconductor, Opto-electronic, Wireless Telecommunications and MEMS markets.


.............. www.hecus.at ..............

Hecus XRS
is the leading specialized innovator, developer and marketer of complete system solutions in small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) for nano-structure analysis. The applications, range from inorganic and organic material science to industrial product characterization, and to biological and pharmaceutical systems, both in bulk and in thin films.
The product spectrum covers a wide range of camera and detector configurations in modular system architecture. This unique, modular feature of Hecus XRS systems allows full flexibility to adapt for any application and budget - from the basic, highly economical SAXS ‘workhorse’ to the high-end multifunctional research SAXS/SWAXS system.


...... www.iceoxford.com ....

ICEoxford Limited, Products include, Cryogenic systems like dilution refrigerators, 3He systems, Spectroscopy systems, all cryo related spares and consumables. Approaching 100 years of experience in the field of cryogenics.



............. www.intelligentmp.com ...............

Intelligent Micro Patterning,
leading novel company making maskless lithography system using patented Smart filter technology to make all types of traditional and non-traditional micro devices with down to 1 micrometer and serving fields like Biotechnology, High Aspect Ratio Devices, Mesoscale Devices, RF & Microwave Devices and Nanotechnology. Other products includes Linear Coating Platform provides a simple, easy to use, reliable platform to do spray coating of optically sensitive materials on various substrates.


...... ... www.ka-lab.de ..... ......

K&A Laborgeraete, with their enlarged product palette of DNA/RNA synthesizers and the complementary OPC purification systems.Resulting from nearly 20 years of experience in the field of oligo synthesis and synthesizer constructions, they developed and produced a completely new instrument family in Germany.

The biggest and most successful oligo producers from Japan and the USA are using our equipment.Long oligos of highest purity produced with our devices are superior compared to our competitors. Wobbles, modifications and automated synthesis of S-oligos belong to the standard package as well. Our column synthesizers are the most modern on the world market. Single syntheses can be started and removed individually and independently from the state of process.


....... www.kromaton.com ..........

Kromaton is the European pioneer in CCC/CPC chromatography systems. Kromaton's first countercurrent chromatographs were based on the principle of planetary motion. Later, the FCPC® (Fast Centrifugal Partition Chrommtography) range included a new cell design with a mono-axial rotor. The improvement was developped in partnership with the French fluidics institute GEPEA. Today, the FCPC® is a range of task-specific instruments for R&D labs and industry. the machines are delivered in cGMP and Atex (explosion proof) configurations. Complete automatic solutions are available for semi-preparative, preparative and industrial lines. Kromaton also proposes low cost HPLC lines.


.... www.face-kyowa.co.jp .....

Kyowa Interface Science Co., Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of measuring instruments in the field of interface science for more than 60 years now. Products include both static and dynamic contact angle meters, surface free energy and surface tension measurement systems. Kyowa's LCD series of contact angle meters have large stages applicable to glass sheets used for flat panel production of younger generations, available in three models for 400 x 400mm, 700 x 700mm, and 700 x 900mm. Other products include friction meters etc.


......... www.nanoworld.com .......

NanoWorld provides silicon and silicon-nitride SPM-probes worldwide. After introducing the new Pyrex-Nitride series, we offer three product lines: Pointprobe®, Arrow™, Pyrex-Nitride, Special SPM Probes can be designed and manufactured upon customers request.


............... .... www.prevac.eu .... ........

specializes in designing and manufacturing the complete customized measurement systems for investigation of the chemical and physical properties of solid state surfaces, thin layers and nanomaterials and also it deals with the advising and solving the vacuum problems for industrial applications. All UHV components, sub-systems, systems and customized solutions.


.... www.rhk-tech.com ....

UHV, Variable temperature STM and AFM and turn key systems. RHK QudraProbe featuring the new cryogenic 4-Probe STM system with multi techniques like high resolution SEM and SAM


..... www.scientificmagnetics.com .......

Scientific Magnetics is a trading name of Space Cryo Magnetics Ltd. Standard and custom designed super conducting and cryogenic systems. Conventional cryo cooled or cryogen free super conducting magnets. Complete cryogenic solutions.


........ www.svta.com ..........

SVT Associates is a leading Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) and Molecular Beam Epitaxy(MBE) equipment development and manufacturing company. SVTA also produces state-of-the-art III-V epitaxial materials and devices, in-situ monitoring tools, and system deposition components.


Talk to us: For any products related to nano technology, photonics, single molecule studies, advanced imaging and measurements systems etc. Some specific product range would include.
1. Contact type stylus profilers.
2. Non-contact 3d optical profilers.
3. Linear accelerators.
4. Chemical vapour deposition systems.
5. Nano-positioners.
6. Low temperature CFM, SNOM, AFM etc.

Talk to us about your dream equipments and we will come up with innovative solutions.


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