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Hecus X-ray Systems , Austria

Hecus XRS is your experienced and dedicated partner in X-ray diffraction metrology for nanostructure analysis in R&D, validated quality control and process analytical technology. Hecus XRS products include

  • X-ray diffractometers for SAXS, SWAXS, GISAXS and X-Ray reflectometry,
  • various non-ambient sample environments (temperature, pressure, humidity),
  • a range of position sensitive X-ray detectors (1D- and 2D).

Customers benefit from our cutting-edge competence through cooperation with leading research institutions bridging the gap to synchrotrons and the wide application experience gained from our partnership with industry and academia. Thus, Hecus XRS customers can choose the optimal and most advanced X-ray system solutions for their individual needs.

S3-MICROpix : Ultimate Performance
The S3-MICROpix is the outcome of the combined knowledge and skills of Dectris and Hecus. The small- and wide-angle x-ray scattering system S3-MICRO with the Pilatus 100K-detector is now available and impresses with power, speed and compactness.

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S3-MICRO : Bridging the Gap to Synchrotrons
S3-MICRO is powered by an ultra-brilliant point microfocus source (GENIX-Fox 3D, Xenocs, Grenoble), exclusively designed for Hecus. The SAXS/SWAXS-system provides the highest X-ray flux of any SAXS system presently available on the market. With a brilliance higher than 1010, it matches that of bending-magnet synchrotron SAXS beamlines - at a source power of only 50 Watt. Thus S3-MICRO opens entirely new perspectives for laboratory x-ray scattering.

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System3: Modular SAXS / SWAXS
System3 is a modular camera system that can be operated in both, line- and point-collimation mode on conventional sealed-tube or rotating-anode generators.

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