X-ray Diffractometry

Power : XRD


The STADI MP combines the two most common diffractometer configurations: Transmission/Debye-Scherrer and Bragg-Brentano geometry with a set-up for micro-diffraction.


  • Various state of the art detectors
  • High and low temperature attachements
  • Transmission / Debye-Scherrer, High Flux and Bragg-Brentano mode
  • Geometry selection by sliding tube housing
  • No realignment after changing geometries
  • All geometries running with pure Co, Cu, Mo or Ag Kα1 radiation




The very reliable, high-precision two circle goniometer is the basis of a whole range of x-ray powder diffraction solutions. Vertically or horizontally mounted, the STADI P can be built-up in Transmission/Debye-Scherrer or Bragg-Brentano geometry: Transmission/Debye-Scherrer, Reflection/ Bragg-Brentano or both. Two STADI P goniometers, either in the same or different configurations, can be mounted in the same cabinet resulting in two completely independent units. Moreover, two goniometers can share one source.


  1. Reliable intensities over the full 2Θ scale
  2. Real microsampling possible
  3. No height displacement
  4. Smallest 2Θ angles possible (< 0.2° 2Θ)
  5. Easy handling of air-/moisture sensitive or hazardous materials


  • Various state of the art detectors
  • Pure Kα1 radiation using Fe, Co, Cu, Mo and Ag sources
  • The ultimate platform for laboratory PDF calculations using Ag Kα1 data
  • Transmission/Debye-Scherrer or Bragg-Brentano mode
  • Ideally suited for the analysis of air/moisture-sensitive and microsamples
  • High- and low-temperature attachements


Based on the well known STADI P, a new powder diffractometer for high-throughput and combinatorial measurements in transmission geometry. With its newly designed sample stage providing a variable x,y grid for various slide-in sample holders, eg. for up to 96 different samples, the STADI P COMBI offers highest efficiency combined with all the advantages of the STADI P system.


  • High-throughput analysis for phase identification and similarity checks
  • 96-fold sample stage – user definable x/y grid
  • Pure Kα1 radiation using Co, Cu, Mo or Ag radiation
  • Transmission geometry

The Powder Diffraction Software Package WinXPOW is a state-of-the-art 32-bit Windows application.

  • Extremely user-friendly, easy to use, yet very flexible and powerful
  • Two diffractometers can be operated simultaneously from one computer
  • Results can easily be incorporated into standard Windows applications
  • Liberal licence policy, free software updates for 3 years
  • Complete package for data collection and evaluation


  • Instrument Configuration
  • Diffractometer Control / Data Collection / PSD Calibration
  • Graphics incl. Peak Search, Smoothing, Background Subtraction
  • 3D Graphics
  • Raw data handling with Import/Export of data in various formats
  • Profile Fitting
  • Indexing and Lattice Constants Refinement
  • Theoretical Pattern Generation
  • Size/Strain Analysis
  • Crystallinity Analysis
  • Retained Austenite Analysis
  • Optional CFR21 part 11 compliant GMP package available